Fuel Services
Annual Inspections
Engine Replacement

Falcon Air has been maintaining numerous types of aircraft for many years including (but not limited to):

  • King Air/Barons,

  • Twin Cessnas

  • Piper Navajos/Single Engine Pipers

  • Falcon Air specializes in offering annual and 100 hour inspections, routine service, oil changes, brake replacements, engine changes, and all minor and major aviation maintenance needs.

Whether for an overnight stay or a long-term commitment, Falcon Air has hangar space to fit up to a mid-size jet.


Falcon Air has two dedicated storage hangars, all of the necessary ground support equipment are included, and all hangars are heated.

Current Prices:

100LL:     $5.95/gallon

Jet Fuel:  $3.90/gallon

Falcon Air, Inc. is the CAA Preferred FBO at KLWM and keeps it's prices competitive to appeal to numerous aviators and charter services. There are two fuel farms and trucks on site for on-demand service. 


Both 100LL and Jet Fuel are delivered on an as needed basis- usually around two or three times per week.

Falcon Air will go out and find the aircraft that fits your needs and budget. After 30+ years of buying and selling aircraft for numerous clients, we are able to get you the best aircraft to fit your requirements. 


For a list of references, please call the office.

Aircraft Acquisition and Aircraft Sales

FBO Services


Falcon Air, Inc. strives to be the most innovative, efficient and knowledgeable FBO possible. Both the president and chief mechanic have over 30 years of industry related experience and continue to educate themselves on new techniques. 

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